Do you love looking at cute pictures of 🐶 or 🐱 on your 📱?

Is it also full of pictures of your furry best friend you’d love to share with the world? 🌎

Well now you can do it all day long! 😎

Just imagine the happiness you’ll get by looking at adorable furry friends while making new friends, and even helping your own pet get followers and become famous all at the tip of your fingers 😍

Sounds awesome, eh?

Meet PetSmooch, the first social media app dedicated to your best friend

Just snap a pic, upload it to the app and BOOM! now you’re able to show other Smoochers how adorable your pet is

Nap time? Check ✅ Play time? Check ✅ Your dog barely moved? CHECK! ✅

You know you love taking pictures of your dog or cat, might as well share them with the 🌎!

Join today and experience how great a social network for pets can be

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