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Baromeeter is a 360-degree mobile platform enabling the youth to discover anything and everything related to 'Going-out'! For its members, Baromeeter provides exclusive deals and offers that can be pre-booked and availed at any bar, cafe, restaurant or club.

Baromeeter is an all-in-one platform and therefore it has the following 3 features that seamlessly function together:

  • BOM Deals
  • BOM Social
  • BOM Parties (BDA)

BOM Deals

In this, we offer real-time and the best discount deals running at cafes all across the town. The deals are created and posted by the cafes themselves (via dashboard services) and properly curated by our team, giving our users all the relevant information required for booking the best of deals with ease. The design and look of the UI has been developed keeping in mind the ease in comprehension for the user.

Here's all that you can do with BOM Deals:

  • Explore the best of deals & offers going on at TOP restaurants and cafes in town
  • Book the deal online at your favourite restaurant
  • Reserve your seats and avoid 'waiting to be seated'
  • Pay Later at the cafe after redeeming your deal
  • Users are also able to view the happening nights going at all our partner tie-ups and book seats for the same along with any deal that is going on at that time.

BOM Social

A concept that is not entirely new but still hasn't been implemented by anyone in the industry. With Baromeeter's socializing feature the user can chat and connect with anyone and everyone sitting at the same venue as himself. We intended to take the virtual yahoo chat room to another level by giving it the much deserved reality check!

With BOM Social one can:

  • Discover and Connect with people sitting at the same venue
  • Find friends chilling at the same place and meet them
  • Measure the crowd at a particular place before going there.

BOM Parties or BOM Deals Aggregator (BDA)

One cannot agree more with the ordeal one has to go through to book the perfect venue for your little party/get-together you wish to throw for your loved ones. Starting from the list of choices in the desired location and negotiating with the managers for the best quote to going to the venue in person to give the advance. Here's how it goes:

  • Just fill in some details such as location, no. of guests, date & time, etc.
  • We get you the best quotes from all the cafes in your desired location
  • You get to choose the best rate that suits you and book your venue
  • You can pay the advance through our portal and get your venue confirmed
  • Party hard and pay the rest amount after that

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