Stockton Food Bank


The Emergency Food Bank, founded in 1968, is the largest direct provider of packaged emergency food in San Joaquin County. Over one thousand people a day are served healthy food from Emergency Food Bank services. Almost four million pounds of food is distributed each year from our main location and 8 pantries in Stockton and San Joaquin County. That equates to almost 200 fully loaded 54’ semi-trailer loads, feeding over one hundred thousand men, women, and children nutritious food each year, without charge.

The Food Bank provides food service to 8 satellite pantries throughout the County, over thirty non-profit agencies, treatment centers and to scores of public events related to healthy living and nutrition. We emphasize health, nutrition, food economics and education. All food bags are packaged with an eye to balanced nutrition. The Food Bank provides classes in general nutrition education, healthy meal planning and food preparation.

The Food Bank also provides a service to grocery stores, food processors, farmers and reclamation distribution centers by taking excess or usable foods that would otherwise be thrown away. Additionally, the Food Bank teaches basic job skills and provides training in data entry, clerical office skills, warehouse operation and truck operation.

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