Earn Squarecoins and redeem your loyalty at all your favorite places

Squarecoins is a digital loyalty program that offers rewards you actually want at the businesses you love, replacing boring loyalty programs.

Squarecoins user checks in at the in-store tablet, earning Squarecoins which can later be redeemed for rewards that are unique to each individual business. With Square coins, we offer one customer loyalty card to replace the rest.

From earning a free brunch at your loving merchant down the street to going on a dinner date with the owner, a lot can happen on Square coins. For the first time, you have the opportunity to refer a reward at the businesses you love.

Permissions Descriptions

  • All information collected via the permissions below are used to help make the app experience great and to allow us to continue to improve it
  • Used to cache images and other data to make the app load and function better.
  • Allows us to determine your location so we can find Businesses near you when you, only when you have our app open.
  • Used to gather nearby businesses, account information and other data needed for the application to function.
  • Allows us to check if you have an active internet connection before trying to download assets or information.

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