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Linking phonebooks, one person at a time.

Phonebooks, today, have brought the world at our fingertips. Just about anyone and everyone we know are there on our contact list. A flick of a thumb, a scroll of a list and we have the one who we want.

But is it possible for anyone to have all the numbers that he/she would want? Take a look in yours.

What are the chances that you may know a plumber, a lawyer, a teacher, a content writer, a driver, a mechanic, a doctor, a maid or a carpenter or a painter or an electrician for that matter? Well you may have one or two or probably five from the list. But what if you are in need of the sixth one - someone you don't have in your phonebook.

That's why, LinkLadder. Here's an app that brings you just about any utility service you may need on your fingertips. All you need to do is search for the one you want by his profession. It's that simple!

When we started out, our intent was simple. Simplify and organise the way people search for contacts. In the process we ended up creating what could be the world's larger virtual directory. A directory that has existed all along in people's phonebook, but never organised as one. To explain, even if you directly may not know a cricket coach, but there would be someone in your contact book who knows. You just have to ask around. We at LinkLadder have taken away the 'asking around' bit.

You just need to seek and you shall find it with LinkLadder. The best way to define LinkLadder would be to call it The Digital Yellow Pages created by the people, of the people and for the people.

LinkLadder as an app will eventually change a simple behavior of people – the tendency to save contacts randomly. Because LinkLadder’s simple tagging system brings in a whole new level of convenience when it comes to searching for contacts. So much to the extent that once you experience it you would want to do it yourself. LinkLadder seeks to create a new standard in finding people.

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