Be A Boss

Be A Boss

Whether you’re a Caller seeking out services, or a service Provider offering your work, Be a Boss™ allows you to do just that be a boss.


  • For Callers needing services, Be A Boss is free to download and install and has no subscription fees. Be A Boss gives you the power to summon what you want, 24/7. Just tap on a the popular service icon, or use the search tool to browse the many services.
  • You can send a request instantly right through the app. Once a request is accepted video chat and messaging become available.
  • All transactions are managed through the app and processed through Braintree – A PayPal company.
  • A Provider of services can download and install the app for free, with no subscription fees.
  • Callers and Providers have access to a “Just in case” feature while logged into the app. If anything unexpected happens, even if not during an actual service call, the Emergency Notification Button can send out text and emails with location and info (while logged in).

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