Mobile App


Most of the people learn from mistakes and only a few plan in advance.
Some of the very basic questions which can effectively reduce the pitfalls of a successful business application are:

Mobile App
Key questions for identifying the right technology framework:
  • Who will use the app?
  • What type of experience do users expect?
  • What functionality is required?
  • How important is multi-platform compatibility?
  • Does the app need to run offline or when the connection is bad?
  • Are there industry-specific requirements?
  • How much time do you have to build the app?
  • Does your staff have the necessary skill sets?
  • What’s the total cost of ownership?
  • How soon do you need new device or OS features?
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Technology Analysis

Phase 1
Features feasibility report based on the client UI/ UX

Phase 2
Check if the design directions allow Android / iOS / Windows App Native controls

Phase 3
Native vs Hybrid approach

Phase 4
Decide Database and Application architecture.

Phase 5
Cloud based architecture with user’s inputs for incoming traffic, scaling up and disaster recovery management strategy

Phase 6
Programming language / Framework decision / Security Features

Phase 7
Third Party integration feasibility with licensing options