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Apptology develop software and apps for empowering
physicians, for overall hospital workflow management, for all
the intermediaries like pharmacists.

Healthcare & Fitness

The current healthcare and fitness industry is fast adopting digitization for the good. And to lead this imperative switch in the human history we are all geared up with our unique and intuitive technological offerings.

Patient care has been more effective with the adoption of smartphones or tablets by hospitals in the recent times. Our agile development process is headed by a bunch of highly skilled app development project managers. They work in tandem with our dedicated development team and assist them in creating cutting edge healthcare apps.

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We bulid outstanding IT solution which helps you to create rewarding results. Our affordable
solution are suitable for desktop,mobile or any other device.

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Patient Portals

We care for patients. With our team of proficient developers we have been successful at developing unique solutions which makes the life of a patient easier. He can connect with the health care provider at a touch of a button and get consultation and can pay via integrated online payment gateways.

Data insights and data security

Our expertise in big data technologies ensures we gather enough data of patient’s health record and present it to the doctor so that he can make an informed decision based on the insights provided.

Fitness App

Fit is the new buzzword. With physical activity levels going down, sparring time for fitness has become very critical. To cater to the needs of the fitness freaks, we have designed innovative health and fitness apps that track your daily activity levels.

Telemedicine and remote health solution

Appinop makes it possible to connect remote patients with hospitals, doctors, physician and other medical staffs anywhere anytime by advance video conferencing apps. We also provide you with digital prescription and health monitoring solution.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software

We provide EHR solutions that are of great help in knowing the clinical workflows of the patient. It assists health care providers to improve safety of patients and zeroes down the clinical-decision making ability to near perfection.

Clinical Management System Software

Whether big or small, our custom made clinical management system solutions helps you run a successful health care centre. The unique apps can help you coordinate and manage patients and reports alike.

Our Groundbreaking Digital Marketing Services

Apptology offers a wide array of digital marketing services for your healthcare business.
Our digital marketing experts strive to maximize your digital presence.

SEO Optimization

Our SEO services include keyword research, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and lots more to drive organic traffic and make your business..

SMO Optimization

Our Social media optimization (SMO) helps in building awareness of your product, services & brand by posting blogs on social media outlets..

Pay Per Click

We offer paid campaigning service called Pay per click, related to your Healthcare business. It helps you to drive traffic to your website..

Enabling fast-paced healthcare ecosystem
adoption with digital advancements

From clinic management and lowered operational cost to a more efficient patient treatment and diagnosis, we are a healthcare app development company that uses technology powered solutions for boosting every single element of healthcare. Since 2015, we have worked on more than 20 digitalization projects that solve three of the biggest challenges in the road of complete healthcare digitalization : governance, organizational structure, and mindset. We are fully equipped to take care of your healthcare project.


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We help health organizations implement innovative digital health strategies. Irrespective of where their focus lies - Cloud migration, EHRs, Incorporation of technologies like AI and Blockchain, through our digital services we lead organizatios to fundamentally change how they deliver healthcare solutions and shape digital healthcare consumerism.

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